June 23, 2014

Sophie, now 9 years old was rescued from an outdoor pen and had endured 2 winters without a blanket or straw in her plastic doghouse, because “it would make a mess.” She had broken ribs, a broken leg, and toenails that had grown into the pads of her feet. She still has the scars, and very sensitive feet. Her feet still look like duck feet, spread out, because that is how she found relief from the pain. Sophie trusts her family, but still fears strangers, fireworks, and storms. She wants nothing to do with the cold weather, and enjoys wearing her fleece coat, never having to worry about being cold again. Sophie has a deep attachment to me, and feels protecting me is her duty. Her happiness was the only thank you I needed.

In Memory of Sophie Anne Walker

Fly free and RIP Sophie Anne Walker. I was blessed to have you for 10 years. She came to me at age 2 and would have been 12 on August 31. There has never been more loyal girl to her mommy. She was diagnosed with lung cancer only on Friday with symptoms of coughing 1x and not eating 1 meal. Today she had a bad morning, Dr. Buck said her quality of life was less than poor today and she was fighting for her life. His own dog was diagnosed with the same symptoms as Sophie, and had been jogging 5 miles a day with him with no symptoms until just a couple days before he passed. Damn Cancer! She was the door guard of the front door. What I wouldn’t give for her to see her chase the boys or their friends another time and look back at me with her proud face. I know I will see her again. I was so lucky to have her in my life. I am devastated. we all are. I told Dr. Buck today, it never gets easier, and the wonderful vet he is told me it should never be easier for me or him or it’s time to quit. He is amazing. She is bouncing from cloud to cloud now, free of those diseased lungs and never has to worry about fireworks or storms again. I know I will see her again, she is always in my heart and I will sleep with her collar on my heart tonight. She was our family’s Sopher Girl! I know that Debbie Winchester and Synthia will take her under their wings and they will have a grand time together.