Wheezer, mommy’s sidekick! He is the King, at least he thinks he is. It’s hard to believe he is now considered a senior! He is turning 8. His graying face only makes him more distinguished! Wheezer is still full of attitude and demands order, by his rule, although he does not disrespect Rosebud! Wheezer always lets the pack know what he’s thinking, and fully believes he is Chief in Command. His loyalty and love to me are of nothing I have ever witnessed before. When the day is done, whether it’s the couch or bed, you can find Wheezer by my side, and there’s nothing better! Daddy refers to him as “his little buddy” to stay on his good side. He will ask Wheezer if he can give mommy a kiss goodnight. The answer is usually the same with a low growl, but at least he asks!