2003 – 2011

Zoey was relinquished by her family when she was diagnosed with glaucoma in her right eye. She had already lost her sight, and the bulging eye was painful. Her family said it was not possible to pay for medical treatment. They said they could not deal with a pet with health issues and if she couldn’t go to rescue they had chosen to euthanize her.

After a week in her new foster home, Zoey seemed withdrawn, confused, and hadn’t made friends with the other bassets in the home. A week before Christmas, Zoey had surgery to remove her diseased and painful eye. She came home the following day, and acted more content that she had since her arrival in foster care. She started perking up, and seemed to be interested in making friends with the other bassets, and was bonding to her foster mom. When she went for her stitch removal, it was noticeable to the entire staff that Zoey had a spring in her step and her tail was happily wagging. She eventually underwent surgery to remove her second eye and it didn’t slow her down a bit. She mingled and began to grow great friendships with her other hound dog friends and was living life to the fullest, not missing a beat without her site.

After a routine mammary surgery, while in recovery Zoey bloated. She appeared to be getting better after her emergency surgery, but her body gave out and sadly passed away in her mommy’s arms. Zoey brought immense joy to everyone she met. She proved that even with the most challenging obstacles, a little love is all it can takes to put a little bounce in your step.